klepor™ | Air Blaster 2.0: Now at 50% Off
klepor™ | Air Blaster 2.0: Now at 50% Off
klepor™ | Air Blaster 2.0: Now at 50% Off
klepor™ | Air Blaster 2.0: Now at 50% Off
klepor™ | Air Blaster 2.0: Now at 50% Off

klepor™ | Air Blaster 2.0: Now at 50% Off

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Air Blaster 2.0: The Ultimate Tool Cleaning Solution!

Keep your tools impeccably clean with minimal effort! Introducing the Air Blaster 2.0, the ultimate solution for effortless tool maintenance.

Clean & Maintain Tools With Air Blaster 2.0

The Air Blaster 2.0 effectively removes debris from tools with its high-pressure air stream. Regular use helps prevent rust and ensures optimal tool performance.

The Portability of the Air Blaster 2.0

Whether in the garage, on a job site, or in the workshop, this portable tool ensures you can keep your equipment in top condition anytime, anywhere.

120,000 RPM Brushless Motor of the Air Blaster 2.0

This advanced motor technology ensures maximum efficiency and effectiveness in cleaning and maintaining your tools, providing lightning-fast debris removal and superior results with every use.

Remove Dust & Debris With The Magic of the Air Blaster 2.0

The Air Blaster 2.0 utilizes powerful blasts of air to swiftly and effectively remove dust and debris from surfaces, gadgets, and delicate equipment. Its innovative design ensures thorough cleaning without the need for any harmful chemicals or physical contact.


- Premium, High Speed ​​Brushless Motor
- Charge port: USB Type C
- Fan RPM: 130,000
- Air displacement: 52mph+
- Controller: 30A
- Battery: LG 21700 x 2 (10,000 mAH)
- Duration: 40min to 60min at full power, continuous use. 2 hours+ at lowest speed
- Charge time: 1-2 Hours (10W power brick)
- Speed regulator for fan speed adjustment


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