Klepor™ Hydro Rocket Sprinkle
Klepor™ Hydro Rocket Sprinkle
Klepor™ Hydro Rocket Sprinkle
Klepor™ Hydro Rocket Sprinkle
Klepor™ Hydro Rocket Sprinkle

Klepor™ Hydro Rocket Sprinkle

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The best refreshing summer toy for kids!

Turn on the tap and enjoy a refreshing and fun take-off that will give a good time to the children and families in hot summer.

Endless fun while learning new skills

The spray rocket is a challenge to keep it in balance. The little ones will have to develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills to balance the rocket on top of the water spray.

Learn by Play

Children will learn about gravity and balance in a fun and refreshing way during their free time while encouraging trial and error experimentation.

Wide Range of Use

The rocket sprinkler can be used anywhere, at home, at the beach, at the pool, in the garden, and much more!
All you need is a water supply and a willingness to get wet!


💦 Refreshing on Hot Days Water and summer is the perfect combination for children.

📵 Technology Disconnect - It is important for children to play without mobile devices to promote their cognitive, social, and emotional development, fostering creativity, interaction with other children, and engagement with the real world.

🧠 Learn while Playing -  A toy designed for children to develop their motor skills and learn about gravity while playing.

😁 Endless Fun -  With its rocket-shaped design and high-powered spraying system, the Hydro Rocket Sprinkle will capture children's imagination as they have a blast under an exhilarating space splashdown.

The most popular summer toy for families!

Let the little ones enjoy the summer in a different way while improving their skills and forgetting about technology! A necessary summer refreshment that both kids and pets will appreciate!

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